When I started W. West Equipment in 1999, my goal was to deliver a foodservice equipment procurement experience like no one else.  In trying to achieve this, I have assembled a group of people who accept the demand of delivering the best value, whether it is in kitchen consultation, equipment purchasing, or both.  It means providing kitchens that are efficient in space, labor utilization, constructability, and - much more importantly these days - energy. I will say with a sincere and unbiased view that we work toward that goal fervently and we definitely get better each day. 

With the construction of our new Denver headquarters complete, we move into an era of this company’s maturation that I look forward to with excitement and anticipation.  

Our reputation at W. West Equipment as a professional, experienced and highly recommended company has been completely through word of mouth and relationships created in past projects. As part of our growth, we have created this website to introduce ourselves, share the success and extend an invitation to learn more about us.
I hope that W. West can be a part of your company’s growth and development.  Thanks for taking the time to browse.  If you have any questions, concerns, complaints and, indeed, opportunities for W. West, feel free to give me a call or send an email.  


Bill Johnson
W. West Equipment & Furnishings